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About the Artist

My name is Sylvia Manning a mum of three and I live in East Kent,UK with my husband and youngest son. 

 I first discovered reborn babies in August 2008 when I accidently stumbled across a reborn while browsing eBay for some baby outfits for my first grandchild. I thought the pictures I was seeing were those of real babies until I read the description. The realism amazed me, and having an artistic background and a huge love of babies, it took me no time to get hold of a kit and some supplies, to try it myself.

I strive to improve with every baby I make and ultimate realism is my goal. I thoroughly enjoy the painting and rooting of my babies and I pride myself in their presentation on ebay. As an ex-Interior Designer, I am very familiar with my industrial sewing machines and as a result my reborns  and OOAK’s each receive a OOAK outfit made by myself when I have the time to do so.

My latest art addiction is sculpting and casting silicone babies. Oh how I wish each day had 48 hours in it! Once I started sculpting I was totally hooked! Every spare minute I have, I am palm- deep in clay. I have so many babies in my imagination, just waiting to be pulled out of the clay in my hands and as such, I strive to make each one more life-like than the previous one. I surprise myself each time I have a completed sculpt before me- It amazes me in the way that I have managed to transform a lump of clay. Although I have yet to sculpt my perfect baby, I am so proud of what I have achieved in such a short time.

Sculpting and casting my babies is now my ultimate passion.  My dream is to make a career of sculpting babies.(Who wouldn’t choose to do what they love most as a job?) I have met some wonderful people through the doll world and the various doll forums to which I belong. We all strive to achieve beautiful babies together as well as giving one another support in the general ups and downs of everyday life, and also sharing new techniques along the way.

Come and take a stroll through my website where there is a wonderful world of “make-believe” . In my world the babies never grow up and in my sculptures and silicones, I hope to capture their realism and innocence.

Through my sculptures I have found my ultimate artistic expression. The flexibility of Clay allows me to mimic those early expressions and poses of newborns which are so appealing. I have no formal training in clay sculpture as such, although I did manufacture soft sculptures (Super large installations made from fabric and paint) in my University days. My babies are far from perfect, but I hope to improve with each one created. Ultimate realism is my goal!

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