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Sylvia Manning

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I am so fortunate to express my love for babies in the sculpted and cast silicone form.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been creative, using various mediums. I've enjoyed working in charcoal, oils, acrylics and even some wacky surreal soft sculptures!

My clay baby sculpting career started approximately 14 years ago when I produced several OOAK (one of a kind) mini babies. As time progressed, I sculpted premature and life-size babies and taught myself how to mould and cast these sculpts into silicone. I was amazed how realistic they looked and felt!.

Over the years, I have made silicone edition babies of varying sizes, from preemie to 6 months of age. My inspiration for a new baby usually begins with a photograph of one of my grandchildren, or a google photograph. It can be a little face or just a feature like a mouth or a little button nose, or even a baby's pose that catches my eye and the clay sculpt will develop from there.

Often the facial features of my babies happen organically,-the clay can have a mind of its own!

I have a tendency to sculpt a face and then see another photo that I love, so I sculpt that one too and this way end up with several babies waiting patiently to be completed.

I cast each of my babies in high-quality platinum silicone with a softness that suits the size of the sculpt so as to retain the best realism. Silicone babies are a real passion for me and I'm working on them every day and most nights too and this is why I can no longer take custom orders. 

Available babies are advertised on Instagram, Facebook and my website. I also offer blank, unpainted editions of silicone kits to purchase.

Thank you to all the wonderful customers who have joined me on this journey, your support has been invaluable.

I'm excited to see what I produce next... I couldn't imagine a better job!!




About me collage (2)_edited_edited_edite
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