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Full Body Silicone Blank Kit
Length : Approx 52cm with slightly bent legs/ 20.5” 
Weight: 4.60 kg / 10bs 1oz 
Head circumference: 38.5cm / 15.16 inches 
Poured in my own soft flexible blend of Ecoflex ( not marshmallow soft)
 IMPORTANT: Aster was sculpted as an open eyed baby with a neck and head attached and has been poured all in one piece .This baby's neck is soft and flexible allowing for head movement and as such she has to have her head supported at ALL TIMES to avoid tears in the silicone!! Arms are sculpted with a slightly bent position and have full armatures in the shoulder to wrist  and from hips to ankle for a soft bend providing better posing possibilities. Soft Leg armatures (from hip to ankle) are inserted as standard. She has an open mouth, with top and bottom gums and tongue inside. For mouth preservation, I recommend a preemie sized pacifier. She comes with random colour  pair of Lauschaer eyes set as standard. These can be easily replaced if you prefer a different colour to the ones supplied. Please note that these babies are totally hand made and individual works of art and as such may have tiny imperfections. They wear +-1 months size clothing, depending on the brand and each baby comes home boxed with a COA , care sheet and surprise gift. 


With your order you will receive a free mini doll.

Pearl is a BLANK mini full body silicone baby 24cm long with full body armatures. She comes as a FREE gift with every ASTER and KYRIE kit purchased. Pearl is not available for sale as a kit on her own.




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